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3 Tips To Get Into CRNA School.

When you know that being a CRNA is what you want to do, there are a few things you need to be doing right now to have the best chance of getting into CRNA school. The schooling to become a nurse anesthetist is difficult and takes years of study and practice. To make sure that nursing students aren't going to fail during the first semester of CRNA school, the school's administration and directors will have a comprehensive admissions team that will find quality nurses who will be able to pass the program and become nurse anesthetists.

If you are not in nursing school yet, these tips still apply to you. Nurses and nursing students will need to become exceptional candidates if they hope to have a chance of getting accepted. Here are 3 tips on how to get into CRNA school.

#1. Job shadow.

Job shadowing is an important step into getting into CRNA school. You need people on your team, who know you well and are willing to take the time to write you a great letter of recommendation. When you job shadow you can get to work closely with nurse anesthetists, and learn from them. You can ask questions on how they became a CRNA, where they went to school, what they would do differently.

When you are in the operating room, you can have the experiences to know what you will be doing as a CRNA. When you are asked in an interview if you really want to become a CRNA or not, you will have more evidence to your desires of being a CRNA. If you go into an interview and say that you want to become a CRNA because they make the most money in the nursing profession your odds of getting in might be low.

When you are shadowing CRNA's, don't forget to express the desires you have to learn the process. Be as proactive as you can, and be a help to the person who is letting you be with them on the job. Be courteous and give as many thanks to the CRNA's as you can. Remember that the network you build with CRNA's might help you find your future job as well.

#2. Be service minded.

Find opportunities to do service and other areas of philanthropic work. If you are able to head a food drive, build backpacks for schools in Africa, do a service mission, or whatever other good ideas you can think of regarding service, you will have something different to add to your resume.

Remember that there will be a lot of nurses applying to CRNA school at the same time you are. You will need to do things that will help you stand out. There will be many other nurses who are hard workers, have good GPA's, worked in trauma centers, and impressive ICU's. You will want to have done these as well, but if you can show that you can work in these places, and also do good service work you will have better depth to your resume that might make you stand out in the hundreds of applications these schools receive.

#3. Apply to as many schools as possible.

When you are at a position in your career to apply to CRNA school, don't just focus on one school. Your goal is to become a CRNA, there are lots of schools that can make this happen for you. It might be a let down if you don't get to go to the school of your dreams, but that is not as important as becoming a CRNA. If you don't get accepted into the school you wanted, and you only applied to that one school, there is a possibility you won't be able to apply again until the next year, wasting a year of your time where you could be in CRNA school.

Applying to schools is expensive, and schools have slight adjustments to what they will accept. It is your responsibility to know what the school requires, and then to do everything you can to make your application as solid as possible. When you are asking for letters of recommendations, it is a good idea to let them know that you will be applying to multiple colleges. If the person who is writing the letter thinks you are applying to a specific college and writes towards that one college, you would not want to use that letter for other colleges. It will work better if you can use the same letters for multiple different colleges.

If you are serious about going to CRNA school, RnMindset has access to a program that helps nurses get into CRNA school, and then has bonus material for CRNA students. The program contains fifteen lessons guiding you to the steps you need to get into the best program. This program has information on how to pass the GRE with high scores, how to perform your best in an interview, the certifications you need, and should want in order to have a good resume, and what to do when you get accepted into a program.

The program is inexpensive, and if it helps you get into a CRNA program, it will literally help you make hundreds of thousands! Click on this link below to learn more about this amazing program available for RnMindset readers!


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