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Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide

To make a good anatomy and physiology study guide would cost me thousands and take years of time to create a good product. I can write about the motivation to study for AnP, and give some tips that helped me pass my AnP classes and labs with an A, but as far as a legit study guide that is accessible from me to you is hard to come by.

The study guide that I recommend is Dr. James Ross's complete anatomy and physiology guide. Dr. James got a Ph.D. in physiology and has been in the teaching business for decades. His material is up to date and is easy to understand.

The reasons why I like this guide compared to other material is that with the technology today, students have many good free resources. I encourage all nursing students to Youtube nursing videos. There are thousands of great videos from nurses and nursing educators that are accurate and helpful. And they are all FREE! If there is something worth buying today, it needs to be really good, and if not free, then it better be worth every cent.

The anatomy guide here is close to $40. And when you click on the link you will be able to read the full "sales pitch" from Dr. James, going on about how the product is worth thousands. While I think it is true that the product is worth thousands, a lot of videos that are on Youtube, and material from Google are worth more than what we give credit to them.

The gift of buying a guide like this is that it is much more than a guide. It is a tool that will not just help you during your anatomy and physiology classes, it is a tool you will be able to use throughout your nursing, or other health care, career.

Because you buy the program, and it is a set of DVDs, you can use them to print out the material as much as you want. This is something that will come in handy many times throughout nursing school. You will need your physical book, and you will need to use the resources that you are given in your program, but science is science. There are not huge differences from book to book when there are topics that have been studied over and over like anatomy and physiology.

Using all of the available resources you have will help you get A's in your anatomy classes, and eventually your nursing classes. Click on the link below where you can learn more about the study guide, and where you can buy the program.


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