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Healthy Habits, Healthy Body!

As a nurse, nursing student, or somebody who hopes to become a nurse, you have a sense of wanting to help other people. Nurses help other people by completing assigned tasks given by providers, and by using their nursing knowledge to guide clients into a better state of health. With this knowledge, nurses are prepared with a good amount of information on how to improve health conditions. It may seem hypocritical that nurses are not always following the healthy habits that they teach. For example, the nurse who drinks coffee spiked with 5 hour and redbull to get through charting. These unhealthy habits are created for many reasons, but whatever your reason might be, if you are currently unhappy with your health situation you need to have a change in your diet. When you have a healthy routine you are able to create consistency. Doing something small for an extended amount of time will create large results. To change your routine, start with something simple, then build. Start your day with doing something that will help you with your productivity, then make it a habit to keep your productivity moving throughout the day. Next step of your routine is your intake of nutrition. You will need to have a well balanced intake of good nutritious food. Going into detail of what a nutritious diet is will be redundant to an audience of nurses, but one tip sponsored by RnMindset is a product we endorse that helps break down fat. This product uses capsaicin to help the body use white fat for energy rather than sugar. This product is a tea, making it a simple addition to your routine. Give the product a try by clicking on the picture here.

Remember that in order to have the healthy body that you want, you need a good routine with good daily habits. Remember that small efforts used every single day will bring large and effective results in your future!


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