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How To ACE Anatomy and Physiology

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If you are looking into nursing school, you will need to take a college level anatomy and physiology course. This course is hard. It is time consuming, it challenges all types of learning styles, and if you are not careful, you will find yourself struggling to pass your exams. Every nursing school is slightly different on their prerequisite requirements, but for most programs just passing AnP (anatomy and physiology) is not adequate.

Many schools require you to get a certain grade in order to even apply to the nursing program. After applying to the nursing program, if the programs entrance is GPA based, and your AnP classes are anything less than an A you will be at a lesser advantage to all the other students who did pass with an A. Here are three tips to help you ace your AnP classes and get into the nursing program of your choice.

#1. Start studying early.

It might seem like overkill to start studying for a course before it has started, buy AnP is not your usual type of college course. It is usually two semesters long, with a lab component. Getting a head start, and learning some basics will help start your class with a running start.

If you can, find out what book you will need have and buy it. With other courses you could rent the book, and after the class is done never need to use it again, but in the nursing world, having your AnP book will come in very useful in your future study. When you are in your nursing program you will spend much less time learning the anatomy about the body, vs what you are doing to the body. In your medical surgical courses, you will find that the book might have only one or two paragraphs on the physiology of a subject and then pages of information on how you treat the specific illness, and what nursing diagnoses you will need to give the patient. If you have your AnP book with you during your study time for these courses, you will be able to brush up on your AnP and do better on your nursing exams.

Along with your book that you buy, there is a program that RnMindset promotes to nursing students, and nurses to brush up on their AnP. The link at the bottom of this paragraph will direct you to learn more information about the product. The program tries to sell the material with some hyperbole saying that you are getting a product that is worth $2000 and you can buy the entire package for under $40 right now. Whether or not the product is really worth $2000 is debatable, but for $40 it really is a product that you won't be able to find anywhere else. It includes DVDs that will allow you to print out the material, allowing you to write notes on the areas that you are focusing on. This is material that you should buy, not rent or just try because AnP is information that you will need for your entire career, not just nursing school, and out of all the products on the market, this one is the only one worth promoting. Everything else you should just Youtube.

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#2. Shoot for %100

There will be many people that say it is impossible to get %100 on an AnP exam or class, but it is possible. You don't need to set unrealistic goals with yourself in everything you do, but when it comes to AnP you need to shoot for %100 in everything you do. If you have a quiz, shoot for %100. If there is a homework coloring assignment of the muscles, shoot for %100. If there is extra credit you can get for singing the 12 cranial nerves of Christmas shoot for %100!

One problem that many students face when it comes to AnP is that if they need to get at least an %85 or above to apply to the nursing program, they will be content with anything above %85. The problem with this is you never know when there will be a subject that you possibly tank. Some people are really good with memorization, and learning every bone and muscle will come easy to them. This same person, however, might fail a cardiac exam that goes over more physiology rather than anatomy and if you are close to the %85 mark you could jeopardize getting into your nursing program.

While some schools have a minimum grade that you are allowed to apply to the program, there will also be your overall GPA that is affected when applying. AnP is usually 8 credits. If you get the bare minimum grades to apply, your application will be sub-par to the other applicants who got A's in the course. If you shoot for %100 on every assignment in AnP, you will hopefully get an A in each semester and have an excellent chance of getting into your program.

#3. Put in hours.

Putting in the hours in AnP will make the difference of an average student, vs an amazing student. College students seem to think that admitting to studying long hours is bad because it shows inadequacy. You have probably already heard a student say "I got a 96% on this exam and I studied like ten minutes!" While it might be true that for some people they can study for a small amount of time and get good results, most people need a good amount of time to understand and comprehend the intense material in AnP.

If it is too much for you to admit that you spent 50 hours studying for an exam then don't, but if it takes you 50 hours to understand the information then that is what you need to do to ACE your AnP classes. Don't put in useless hours. Find what it is that helps you learn, and do it. You only have so many hours in the day, so make each hour you spend studying worth your time.

With AnP there are a lot of study tips out there that you will find are a complete waste of your time. The trick is to find out before you start your classes what helps you learn best. If you can find out before you start AnP that you didn't learn a thing while spending 8 hours drawing in, and coloring a skull, but you were able to learn the skull by writing in the footnotes the use of each area of the skull over and over and over again, this will save you time when you are in the course.

AnP is a class that is meant to be tough. You are supposed to learn this material good enough so that when you are in nursing school you can go through a subject and understand how to treat the body, without going over the anatomy in detail. The more hours you put into your AnP courses, the better nursing student you will be, and the better nursing student you are, the better nurse you will become. Start now to learn as much as you possibly can about the body, and remember that you will use the information in AnP throughout your entire career, so make your study time count!

If you find that you are struggling with AnP, and you are nervous that a career in nursing will never happen if you don't pass, don't worry, you aren't alone. There are many ways to help boost your AnP grades during the semester. Start as early as possible to get help if needed. When talking about the %100, this is a good goal to shoot for, but if you are close to the passing grade at all in this course do not take it lightly. AnP courses are known to get harder rather than easier. If you start getting grades that are close to the barely pass bar, talk with your teacher and make a plan to help boost your grades high and above the passing bar.

Last point. When it comes to AnP, the course is exciting and you will learn so much in a relatively short amount of time. When the going gets tough, remember to keep moving forward, and focus on getting better and better. Remember that the better you understand AnP, the easier your courses will be in nursing school.

Key Points.

#1. Start studying now!

#2. Shoot for %100 on every assignment, quiz, and test!

#3. Put in the hours.

Thank you for reading RnMindset!

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