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How To Make More Money as a CNA

Being a CNA or licensed caregiver, psych tech, ER tech, monitor tech, etc...will not make an absurd amount of money. There are no floor CNA's that are listed on Forbes list, and being a CNA will not be a job where you can buy a new Mercedes. There are, however, many blessings and great opportunities for the CNA who is passionate about healthcare, and is willing to do what it takes to make the most money possible.  Here are a few tips that CNA's can take to make the most money possible, without the obvious picking up extra shifts.  #1. Start our right.  When you start working as a CNA, you need to do your homework before signing up with a company. Find out how much the CNA's are making in your area. The employers in your area will start you out at a bottom rate. It will save the employer thousands of dollars if they can start you out at $8 an hour vs $9. It may not seem like much, but if you work full time, one dollar an hour will make the difference of over $100 a month.  If you find out that the CNAs in your area are averaging $10 an hour fresh out of CNA school, you need to bring this knowledge with you to your interview. Don't be afraid to start out high, but make sure that the talk of pay is at least mentioned when you are in your interview. It might sound silly to think that somebody would accept a job without asking about pay, but many young CNAs are nervous about getting a job, and are willing to accept any offer they can get regardless of the pay. This type of thinking will end up costing you thousands, and you need to be assertive from the very start.  Some employers will start all new hires at the same pay regardless of experience. Unless it is good pay, and a great place to work, you would want to stay away from places where you can't at least try to get the best money for your effort. CNA school is not easy, and the work of a CNA is extremely commendable. CNA's are worth far more than what they are given, so don't be afraid to sell yourself when you get to your interview.  If possible set up as many interviews as you can when you are starting a new job. This will help you barter yourself. You will be able to tell the employer that this other company is offering you a certain price, but you would be willing to stay with this company if the employer could at least match it.  Whatever strategy you use, remember that raises are not always guaranteed with every position and job, so starting out right is crucial to make sure you make the most as a CNA.  #2. Deserve a raise.  When you are working for a company, you are always able to make more money. The employers will always have the same excuses for why they may or may not be giving out raises, but the fact is if you deserve one, there is nothing wrong with asking your employer in a good reasonable way.  When you talk with your employer about getting a raise, instead of simply asking for one, ask first if there is anything you need to improve in your work performance. Explain that you would like to earn more money, and that you feel like you deserve it. Follow the recommendations from the employer with confidence, and then go to work. It is so easy to be negative as a CNA, and there is a lot of negativity in the CNA atmosphere, with other caregivers constantly complaining about the pay structure, management or other things that are of little value to you.  Talk with your manager, get more money, and be the CNA that deserves a raise, you might be surprised with how much money you can start making starting your next pay check!  #3. Remember "Net Gain" As first mentioned above, CNA's do not make a lot of money, but there are some simple things you can do in your life to start having more money in your account starting now. If you have debt, work to pay it off. Imagine your $400 car payment being gone. That is a raise of $400 a month! Your credit card debt that's taking out another $100 a month, getting rid of that debt will give you another $100 a month in your account. The other things like quiting cable, or dish or direct TV, can save you hundreds. Living on a budget is not a humble thing to do, it is a responsible thing to do. Even Warren Buffet uses coupons at McDonalds, and uses the dollar menu for breakfast in the mornings. A scientist from New Mexico who developed a solar panel that can fit on sunglasses and helmets for the Air Force, and is making great money, still drives a 1993 Geo. He says that it runs fine, and his wife has a good dependable car for her and the kids, so why have a nice car for him?  These types of examples show that it is just fine to live on a budget. In 2018, people living in the "poverty" of America still have food to eat and have housing. You do not need to get yourself into a ton of debt to keep up with the Jones' and buy things to impress people you don't even care about. Do the smart thing for your family and remember your budget. Live on what you can afford, and you will be able to have real net worth. When you make a net gain, it means that you are making more money than you have debts. A person who owns a Ferrari, a two million dollar house, and has over a million dollars of debt in other areas is still broke making millions of dollars a year. Real net gains are made when you have little to no debts, and you are building net worth on your terms.  Remember that CNA's may not make a ton of money, but CNA's do have great purpose, and have one of the safest job security positions in the country. A CNA who loses their job can most likely find one the next day as long as their CNA license is valid. Remember this blessing and remember your worth as a CNA. Key Points.  Remember to,  1. Start out right.  2. Deserve a raise.  3. Make net gains. 


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