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Motivation For Nurses

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

When you look at the rigorous schooling a nurse has to go through in order to pass, it is clear that anybody that graduates from nursing school and passes their NCLEX is a motivated and driven person. The difference nurses make is when they continue to be motivated to use the skills learned in school and grow as a nurse. Here are 3 ways nurses can continue to be motivated to enhance their career.

#1. Remember your worth.

You can wake up tomorrow morning and decide to apply to a ton of different jobs. The jobs can range from retail, sales, food industry or even online work. The jobs out in the market are respectable jobs, and some make really good money. The difference between any random job that doesn't require schooling or extensive training does not have the same worth as a nurse.

As a nurse you worked hard to get the grades to get into nursing school, stayed up late studying, and missed out on years of "fun" that your friends were having while you were in clinicals. You felt insecure about your testing scores, or contemplated the possibility of what would happen if you didn't pass a class.

Your worth as a nurse can't be measured. You have a title that has an oath tied to it. You get to tell people you are a nurse, and when you sign your name and initial your title you get a second of joy knowing how hard to worked to be a nurse. When you remember your worth, the trials that you have as a nurse shouldn't seem bad, but should remind you of another opportunity for you to learn and grow to become a better nurse.

#2. Remember your strengths.

Nurses may have similar titles, but every nurse has different strengths. The strengths that you have are special to you. When you remember your strengths, you can feel empowered to help others when your skills are needed. You never know when somebody needs your talents that are specific to you, if you remember what your strengths are you will be able to realize the opportunities to use your good talent when needed for the benefit of other people.

Recognizing your strength doesn't mean that you need to be arrogant about your greatness, it means that you look for ways to use your strong talents. If you learn that you are good at piano, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice. Piano players practice every day and continue to grow their talent.

Nursing requires many skills, if you don't know what skills you are best at, pay attention to your work and even ask others what they think your strengths are. If you are sincere, your coworkers will be honest and while it may seem like you a fishing for compliments, this is only a way for you to grow your strength.

#3. Remember your purpose.

There are many reasons why nurses decide to go to nursing school. While the reasons won't be discussed here, it is safe to say that there are hundreds of reasons why someone would want to be a nurse. Whatever your reasons were/are, you have a specific purpose. Your purpose to being a nurse is driving your desire to continue nursing. Nursing is a challenging and frustrating career at times. There are many ways that the nursing world burns out nurses, driving nurses to the edge of insanity.

Remembering your purpose is something that will motivate you to be a better nurse. Your original purpose is that original spark that keeps you going, no matter what storms you face, or the challenges you encounter. The world of nursing is filled with disappointment and trials, yet is set in an environment rich in fulfillment.

Motivation is an internal furnace that keeps you going. Whether you feel like your career is on the right track or not, if you are doing what you originally intended to do, and you are living a fulfilling life, you are successful. Regardless of how much money you are making, what title you hold such as a charge nurse or director of nurses. If you are doing something that you find purposeful to you than you are living your dream.

It doesn't matter what other nurses dreams are, what matters is your dreams. Some nurses are content with working in an office and having a schedule that works with their kids' school schedule. Other nurses aren't content until they are titrating drips in the ICU. Fulfill your purpose, and remember that you are a true success when you are doing exactly what you want to be doing.

Key Points.

#1. Remember your worth.

#2. Remember your strengths.

#3. Remember your purpose.


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