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Motivation To Be Healthy For Nurses

Updated: May 29, 2019

As healthcare professionals, it should seem almost irresponsible for nurses not to be healthy. In a way, many nurses are dumb. If you think of a dumb decision, it is knowing what choice to make, and then disregarding the right choice, and choosing the wrong choice. Nurses are taught for years how to be healthy. Nurses are licensed to give teaching and guidance to patients regarding their health. When nurses knowingly choose to not be healthy when they know how, it is a dumb decision.

Now saying that a nurse is dumb for making wrong decisions is a joke. Nurses are smart, well educated and have been licensed to know what they are talking about when it comes to health. The problem is motivation to act. Nurses have different schedules than many other careers. The long hours, and the type of work nurses do is exhausting. And in the economic climate, many nurses either work overtime or two jobs. So the idea that nurses only work a couple days a week and are able to have lots of time to exercise is not always a fair statement.

Having the motivation to exercise and take care of your body is something that you as a nurse need to have on a weekly basis. It is not good enough for yourself to work out sporadically hoping that you will at sometime lose the weight, and feel better about yourself. Being healthy will need to be a daily habit.

Losing weight is the more common health goal for most nurses. While it is important to remember the weight you are losing when you exercise, remember that health is more than just your physical appearance. Being healthy will give you more energy, decrease your stress level, anxiety, and depression.

If you are struggling at work, your personal life, or school life, you need to remember that your body is only going to give you the support you need if you take care of it right. Drinking too much caffeine, and eating junk food is not going to help you feel better. You need to find what motivates you to exercise and eat healthy.

Everybody is different, and there is not one simple solution to help all people have motivation. If you are tired of having an overweight body, and you are not satisfied with how you look, if the scale is what motivates you to find the time to exercise throughout the week, then keep it up. Finding what motivates you is a step towards your goals. Many people try for years dabbling into different products and books trying to find what helps them lose weight and be healthy. The truth is many of the books are right, and they will help you lose weight, but if you lack the motivation to get up and do what it takes to lose the weight you might as well buy nothing at all.

When you do find what motivates you, pin point it, and expound on it. You want to be a master at your own motivation, not a dabbler in a bunch of different ideas where you hope one might become better than the other. Being a master of your own motivation is key to not just losing weight, but for your overall health. It is hard for nurses to work long hours, nights, weekends, and find the energy to get up and exercise. This is why finding what motivates you is so important.

Before you try another gym, or another weight loss product, do some soul searching and find out what you really want. Find out what it is that is going to motivate "YOU." Not your spouse, your coworkers, or friends, but you have the power to change your lifestyle for good. You have the power to motivate yourself and become healthier than you might be right now. Find the motivation, and expound on it. After you have done this, continue to motivate yourself every day. When you reach your goal, make new goals, keep your motivation level high, and help others succeed in reaching their goals.


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