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Tips on staying focused.

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

School is time consuming. There is a common statement that many students hear from fellow students, who brag that they didn't study much but still did well on the exam or class etc. While it is true that some people can study less and still perform well in school, most normal everyday people need to read and study for hours to score well on exams and pass their courses. Nursing school exams are hard, and the frequency of exams per class is much higher than regular undergraduate courses. When you are studying in nursing school, you can't afford to be distracted. Being distracted while you study is like driving a car that is in neutral. You have the potential to get going, but until you put the car in drive, you won't get anywhere.

First tip. Be in control of your phone.

Your phone can help with your study, but in most cases it is a distraction. Set parameters with your phone and decide what you need to do with your phone before you study. If you can't go thirty minutes without checking a status, or check your bank account, you might need to study away from your phone. Leaving your phone in the car, or in another room will help you avoid the distraction and get your mind focused on your study.

Second tip. Study with a plan.

If you study without a plan before you start, it is easier to lose focus and start to think of other priorities in your life that will waste your study time. Look at the amount of information you will need to cover, and make goals for what you will need to learn during your study session. Plan quickly so you can use your valuable time to focus on the material you need to learn for your exams.

Third tip. Do one thing at a time.

Doing multiple tasks while you are studying will decrease the amount of good information you are taking in while you study. Focus on one task, and then move onto the other. If you are studying multiple classes during one study session, study one subject, have a plan and goal for that subject (study thirty minutes of med surge, then thirty minutes of pharmacology) and then take a break.


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