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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Nurses

With the Christmas season here, finding the best gift for nurses can be easy. It can be easy because nurses all have a common language. If you look at the memes on the RnMindset instagram feed, there are a lot of memes that regular people might not find funny at all, but nurses find it hilarious. Finding a good gift for a nurse is easy when you can look into the things that nurses want, and need.

Here are the top 10 best gift ideas for nurses.

#10 Compression Socks.

Compression socks might be misunderstood, but if you have a job requiring the amount of standing, running, and lifting such as nurses do, you will know that having good socks that are comfortable, and give a boost with circulation help tremendously.

A fun idea for the Christmas season is to find socks that have either a Christmas theme, or a nursing/medical theme.

Click on the picture here to buy.

#9 Nurse Bag.

Whether the nurse you are buying a gift for is a man or woman, finding a good medical bag is very helpful. It is nice to be able to have all of your supplies in one place. This is also a good item to have when you are in nursing school. If you show up to a clinical without a stethoscope, or something else that you need, you will find yourself in trouble. Having everything you need in one spot, that is designed for medical gear, like your stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, eye flashlight etc...will help nurses get out the door faster without looking to make sure they have everything they need.

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#8. Nurse Undershirts.

During the winter months it might be obvious to wear a little extra during the long shifts, but even during the summer months hospitals are usually cold, and nurses like to wear undershirts. The type of undershirts that nurses are allowed to wear is usually plain white or black. Undershirts provide comfort, and warmth, and are also a stylish piece of the nursing uniform that many nurses are wearing right now.

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#7. Dansko Shoes.

For women, the Dansko shoe is comfortable, stylish, and durable. There are many nurses wearing these, and for good reason. They are comfortable to wear during long hours standing on your feet, yet provide support to your arches. These are also easy to get on and off, making it easy to take off when you are charting or just getting home.

Click on picture to buy.

#6. Nursing Sweater.

In style, and fun to wear. Having a sweater that shows your pride for the nursing world is a great thing to have and a great gift idea. Easier to size, these products are trending, and will be something nurses will have long after the holiday season is over.

Click on picture to buy.

#5. Fitbit.

Buying a good fitbit is great for nurses. Nurses have long hours, and are most likely focused on their health. Having a good quality fitbit helps nurses in many ways. Nurses are constantly using their watch to record the time of when they last gave a Norco, to counting the drops in an IV drop chamber. Fitbit is a great product that is inexpensive, and makes the number 5 on this top ten.

Click on picture to buy.

#4. Nursing Clipboard.

A fun and great gift, these clipboards have common nursing references that will save nurses time from having to look them up. The board also has storage that can keep private healthcare information private while the nurse is going from room to room. At an inexpensive price, this deal comes in at number 4 on our list.

Click on picture to buy.

#3. Cell Phone Sanitizer.

This product is a must for all nurses. No matter where nurses work, they are most likely working with, or around people. People spread germs, and nurses have their phones on them. Having a product that will safely and effectively sanitize a nurses phone will help keep them save, and provide reassurance when the phone gets "contaminated."

Click on picture to buy.

#2. Scrubs.

Having good, high quality scrubs is an obvious good gift for nurses. Scrubs need to have comfort, and provide good flexibility while working the long hours nurses have. Cherokee offers great scrubs that can be found throughout for good deals. The Cherokee Luxe Women's Mock Wrap has a stretch fit design with stretch knit mesh side panels with front and back pockets, and two interior pockets. Click on the picture here, and shop for the scrubs that you think the nurse in your life will enjoy most.

#1. Littman Stethoscope.

Having a Littman is a status symbol in the hospital. Littman is a leading stethoscope brand, and provides depth to a nurses assessment. This product is not cheap, but it has the best quality. There are other stethoscopes on the market that are pricey, but the Littman outperforms them when it comes to sound quality, and durability. Click on the picture and shop for the best Littman in your budget.

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