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Why Nurses Shouldn't Care

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

The nursing world is filled with negativity and judgment. Nurses can learn to be positive, and stop caring about the negative opinions about others. Why nurses shouldn't care doesn't mean not caring about their patients and coworkers, but nurses should stop caring about the negativity found during their day at work.

Saying nurses are caring people is redundant. Nurses are amazing people who care a lot about their patient's, their coworkers, employers, and sometimes caring too much about what others think. When it comes to your success as a nurse, you need to put your caring mindset in a positive direction that builds you. The better you are with building your career and success as a nurse, the better your patient's outcomes will be, and the happier you will become. Here are three steps to understand why nurses shouldn't care about what others think.

#1. Don't care about the opinions of others.

Most nursing positions require you to work with your hands, and physically touch people. Not only are you touching people, you have a lot of work that is criticized by others. If you care too much about what other people think about your work, you will be depressed after every shift. Caring about how glamorous your IV looks with the tegaderm positioned exactly how you like is good, but keep that thought to yourself, and don't care if another nurse doesn't like your work. You should always work on ways to improve your work as a nurse, but don't care about what others think about your work in a negative way. If another nurse tells you that because the tegaderm you put on was not done in a good way, and the IV infiltrated, you obviously need to look into a better way of doing it. Thank the nurse for the advise and move on and figure out a better way to do it, but don't care about the other nurses judgement on your work.

Remember that your patient's are human beings capable of giving praise and judgement. If you are criticized for your work by your patient's, hopefully it is good, but even if it isn't, as long as you are being professional and working hard to do the very best for your patient there is nothing for you to be sorry for. Work to resolve whatever conflicts you have, and then move on and don't care about it anymore. If you let negativity control your emotions it will be harder for you to be in a positive mood. Work hard, do your best, and if you need correction, take the correction positively and move on.

#2. Don't criticize others.

Nurses are critical. Nurses judge nurses on how nurses give report, how nurses talk to patients, how nurses hang fluids, the list goes on, very long, sometimes nurses can complain for the whole 12 hour shift. Just because other nurses are critical doesn't mean that you should be critical too. It is so natural to join the "pissy nurses club" and join in on negative and criticizing behavior. If you can stop caring about what other nurses think, and focus on being a great nurse, the only things other nurses should say about you should be positive. And if you hear remarks about you that aren't positive, as long as you are giving your work your best effort, their remarks don't matter and you can continue to be a great nurse. One of the greatest ways to not receive criticism is to not give other nurses criticism when they aren't around.

#3, Be a positive, and friendly person.

Be positive, and do your best to give other nurses compliments. Don't do this because you care about what the other nurses think about you, but do it because it will help you in your career, and personal life. Being kind to other nurses is a huge deal. Look around on the internet and read the stories and vlogs of how the workplace violence in the nursing field is common, and a growing problem. Being a kind and friendly person will make negative comments from other nurses even more unnecessary, making it even easier for you to stop caring about the judgments of other nurses, and help you focus on being a great nurse.

Remember, nurses should care about the people around them, it's just important for you and your career to stop caring about the negativity that can be found in the nursing world. Making your workplace a better environment can start with you, other nurses will feed off of your good attitude, uplifting, and helpful comments and will also stop caring about the negativity.

"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change." Michael Jackson/Lego Batman


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